Cargo Risk Engineering Services


Your Partner in Cargo Protection

A single cargo loss can disrupt your entire supply chain and have a lasting impact on your resilience and reputation. Insurance alone isn’t enough; FM Global Cargo risk engineers can offer your logistics team additional support and provide another layer of protection to ensure your shipments arrive safely.

Whether you’re shipping by land, sea or air, our cargo risk engineers provide intricate knowledge of shipping procedures. They’ll work with you to understand the hazards throughout your supply chain and distribution system to develop a cost-effective, highly efficient, tailor-made cargo risk management plan.

Your customised plan can be regularly reviewed to meet your ongoing risk management objectives, support loss prevention protocols, and be used to complement your cargo security processes and procedures throughout your supply chain.


The dedicated risk engineers of FM Global Cargo will work with you to:

  • Identify key areas of exposure throughout the entire system
  • Gain a thorough understanding of your specific goods, services, processes, primary hubs and distribution locations
  • Prepare a detailed cargo risk assessment specific to each location and overall operations
  • Prepare loss prevention recommendations to minimise business exposure
  • Assist you with establishing a proactive risk management plan
  • Reduce identified exposures and prevent loss

Cargo risk engineering recommendations are reviewed by our cargo underwriters to enable them to offer you the most favourable and cost-effective coverage.