Cyber Risk

Cyber Risk Assessment

Data is property. Protect it.

It’s not enough to be covered in the event of a cyber attack. Today, you must also actively protect your data—and your business—from cyber risk. Our proprietary cyber risk assessment is a critical new part of that process. As the engineering component of our Cyber Resilience Solutions, this assessment is designed to help identify exposure across three key business areas, develop clear, actionable steps to mitigate cyber risk and avoid business interruption.

Physical Security: The first line of cyber defense is preventing unauthorized physical access to data, workstations and networks. Think of this as an enhanced field engineering site visit to evaluate who has access to your facilities, what they have access to, and how to manage that activity.

Information Security: Working together with risk managers and their IT colleagues, our client service teams evaluate risk to data, software and intellectual property. The strength of this assessment comes from looking at your inherent risk (number of facilities, site location, industry), your mitigating security controls and your ability to respond to and recover from a cyber incident. With this rich information, we can provide a complete, detailed picture of your risk profile and resiliency.

  • Online Assessment
    There’s nothing else like it. Anywhere. This is not just another compliance assessment. This is 70 straightforward, fact-based questions uniquely designed to gather threat intelligence and insights at both the location and the enterprise level. Our concise cyber risk report clearly illustrates your true cyber resilience level and provides prioritized, actionable recommendations for improvement. You’ll know precisely where you stand—your cyber risk posture—across four key areas, including governance, IT security, insider threat management and response and recovery.

Industrial Control and Building Automation Systems: More internet connectivity means higher exposure—and greater potential damage. This engineering- and research-based evaluation targets business interruption by examining potential risks that may expose facilities systems and equipment to malicious actions locally or via network intrusion.

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FM Global Advantage? Policy

Our cyber risk assessment is only one part of a comprehensive cyber resilience plan. Making sure you have the best possible risk-transfer coverage for your specific exposure is also critical. Check out our recently enhanced FM Global Advantage policy with expanded cyber coverage, designed to protect business against the cyber threats of today—and tomorrow.

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