Boiler and Machinery Services

Evaluate, Maintain and Protect

Failure of your equipment can bring your business to a standstill. That’s why you need a specialty insurer with extensive knowledge and hands-on experience with equipment across a wide range of industries. Our specialised B&M capabilities include developing an in-depth understanding of your processes and systems to analyse the breakdown scenarios and exposures that mechanical, electrical and pressure equipment create for your business. We evaluate the integrity and reliability of your equipment, identify hazards and deficiencies to deliver focused risk improvement solutions and reduce your equipment risk.



FM Global specialises in evaluating your boiler and machinery risk.

Know Your Equipment Risk

Resilient businesses understand reliable equipment is critical to protecting the bottom line. When a piece of process equipment breaks down or the electrical system unexpectedly shuts down, it can result in costly property damage and business interruption.

Protecting business value depends on how well your equipment is designed, installed, operated, maintained and protected. Mechanical, electrical and pressure equipment breakdowns are major causes of loss. In high-hazard occupancies with complex equipment, processes and systems, equipment losses are twice as frequent as fire losses. Equipment breakdown is also a leading cause of loss of containment resulting in a fire and/or explosion.

Our specially trained B&M engineers perform site evaluations by taking a systematic approach to assess your equipment risk, identify the equipment most at risk of a breakdown and evaluate the exposure to your business. They work with you to deliver solutions designed to improve equipment integrity and reliability. Knowing your equipment risk can reduce breakdowns that affect the resilience of your business. 

Our predictive analytics tools, including Equipment Factors, will help you understand your equipment risk. 

Equipment Breakdown

Our equipment loss history reveals trending of key pieces of equipment that are loss drivers for our clients.

Our Boiler and Machinery Expertise in Action

We work closely with our client partners to ensure their boiler and machinery risk is managed and mitigated.


Know your Jurisdictional Risk

Jurisdictional inspections of your boilers and pressure vessels are conducted by our experienced, commissioned jurisdictional consultants throughout the United States and in select provinces of Canada per local government regulations.