Business Risk Consulting

Strengthening Business Resilience

Lean business models, operational consolidation, extended supply chain networks and complex interdependencies. Understanding and managing risk is more demanding today than ever before.
While other companies may offer Business Risk Consulting services, we combine engineering, business modelling and financial analysis to develop flexible, tailored and efficient solutions to solve risk management problems and strengthen resilience.
Our global team of finance professionals specialise in understanding and quantifying risk, helping FM Global clients improve their resilience and maximise the value of their risk management efforts.
Services are very flexible, ranging from values reporting and exposure analysis to business continuity and ERM support, and are provided at no additional charge.

FM Global's Business Risk Consulting

FM Global's Business Risk Consulting

An ON Semiconductor executive describes the client benefits of FM Global's Business Risk Consulting.


Resilience Exposure and Analysis

Safeguarding Business Value with Critical Findings

FM Global’s business risk consulting services help you take a quantitative approach to risk management by understanding the financial impact of disruptions to your business. Our expertise includes:
  • Values calculation and reporting
  • Resilience and exposure analysis services
  • Business continuity management services


What Business Risk Consulting Brings

Better Understanding
  • Identifies and quantifies the financial exposures to your business
  • Opens communication channels between operational and executive management and raises the profile of risk management across the business
  • Determines requirements for business survival and helps define organisational risk appetite
Clearer Focus
  • Provides vital information to make more precise decisions regarding risk retention and risk transfer
  • Identifies risk improvement, business resilience and business continuity strategies
  • Prioritises risk management resources, capital expenditure and actions for business survival
Greater Resilience
  • Drives business continuity management and makes the process more manageable and efficient
  • Impacts operational and strategic planning through improved awareness of exposures
  • Supports enterprise risk management and corporate governance frameworks