A cyclone can flatten a five-acre factory in seconds. A hurricane can blow out every window, door and roof in a storage facility. A typhoon can leave millions without power. But by preparing for severe weather, you can be the biggest difference in the degree of damage and disruption these indomitable forces can inflict on your company.

Our windstorm resources help you head off disaster. They identify parts of your buildings most vulnerable to wind-related damage—and show you how to keep them safe. Get smart strategies for everything from securing roofing to making sure combustible components don’t combust.

As an FM Global client, you have access to all our windstorm resources. A selection of these resources are available to the public.

Windstorm Resources

  • Protecting Roofing Systems Against Windstorm Damage

  • Protecting Your Facility Against Major Windstorms

  • Wind Checklist

    Download Checklist
  • Preparing Cargo Storage

    Cargo Care Guide: Preparing Your Cargo Storage Facility for a Natural Hazard Event